30 April 1873, Letter from F. Huebler to his brother Christian Frautschi

About the Original Manuscript:

Title of document and statement of responsibility:[Letter] 30 April 1873, from F. Huebler to his brother Christian Frautschi
Sender: F. Huebler
Letter begins: Beloved Brother! The Lord blesses you and ...
Date: 1873 Apr. 30, Lomira, Wisconsin
Published versions: none
Physical Description: [2] p. on [1] leaf ; 20 x 13 cm., folded 7 x 13 cm.
Notes: Paper watermarked: woman's face. Purple ink on beige paper. Accompanied by envelope, 8 x 13 cm.


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F. Huebler regrets not greeting his brother in person, and reports that he is ill. He has accepted a position and relies on God for his fate. He requests that his brother help Heinrich with a task. He mentions a new preacher, Brother Finger, in Madison, and regrets that he himself cannot work to his full ability. He mentions the Swiss chancellor travelling to Ashford. In a postscript, he requests that the $200 he presumably sent be give to Heinrich.


Text of letter:

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