January 16, 1889, Letter from Christian Frautschi to his brother Johann Frautschi

About the Original Manuscript:

January 16, 1889, from Christian Frautschi to his brother Johann Frautschi
Original in University of Wisconsin-Madison. Max Kade Institute. Frautschi Letters (MKI/Frautschi3/C1889)

Sender: Christian Frautschi
Letter begins: Most beloved brother John, The news that all was well ...
Date: 1889 Jan. 16, Madison, WI, USA
Published versions: none
Physical Description: [4] p. on [2] leaves ; 20 x 30 cm. folded to 7 x 13 cm
Notes: Additional physical features include a watermark with company Rialto. Additional line of text in right margin of first page. Paper yellowed. Written in black ink. Paper folded to fit envelope.

About the Electronic Version:

Creation of machine-readable version: Terry Kemper, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Conversion to TEI-conformant markup: Terry Kemper, University of Wisconsin-Madison
LIS839 Special Collections in the Digital Environment (Spring 2000)
Note: Page images have been included from the original source.

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Credits (scanned image): Terry Kemper
Date(s) (scanning): April 10, 2000 & April 17, 2000
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Letter relates news from Christian Frautschi in Madison, Wisconsin to his brother Johann back in Switzerland. Christian writes of the job situation as well as family and town news. This includes a new birth of a daughter, a son attending high school, and the addition of many new improvements to the town such as electric lights, running water and sewers.

Text of letter:

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Transcription: Lowell Frautschi
Translation: Lowell Frautschi
Markup: Terry Kemper


Editorial Notes:

It is interesting to notice the use of the english word "January" in the dateline versus the german word for the month. This shows the beginning of a shift from german to English.


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