21 December 1877, Letter from Johann Peter Frautschi to his brother Christian Frautschi

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21 December 1877, from Johann Peter Frautschi to his brother Christian Frautschi
Original in University of Wisconsin-Madison. Max Kade Institute. Frautschi Letters (MKI/Frautschi3/JP1877)

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Title: [Letter 21 December 1877] Elizabethtown, MN, [from] Johann Peter Frautschi [to his brother] Christian Frautschi
Author: Johann Peter Frautsch
Letter begins:
Dear Brother, Last Thursday I received your letter with the photographs of your boy
(German) Wether Bruder, Deinem Brief mit den Photographien von deinem Knaben erhielt ich letzten Donnerstag ...
Date: 21 December 1877, Elizabethtown, MN
Published versions: none
Physical Description: [4] pages on [2] leaves; 21 x 25cm, folded to 8 x 13 cm.\
Notes: Written in grey ink. Blue lined paper, embossed with a small block figure in the shape of a 'w', 1 x 2cm. Accompanying material: envelope 8 x 13cm. Annotations: stamp on envelope has been cut out, later addition in pencil of "21 Dec/77 K" to front of envelope, the envelop has been machine-cancelled by the post office.

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In this letter Johann Peter Frautschi thanks his brother Christian for the picture he sent of him and his son. Johann says that he can only send a picture of himself and his wife in return. Johann comments on the locust plague that they had that year and that they only harvested 91 bushels of wheat. Johann tells Christian about the illnesses he and his family have been experiencing in the past year.

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