Johann Jacob Frautschi's Wanderbuch, 1905

About the Original Manuscript:

In 1905 Johann Jacob Frautschi returned to Switzerland for a visit. He traveled with his brother Christian, sister-in-law Elizabeth, and daughter Cecelia. Johann recorded his impressions of the journey in his Wanderbuch, a 51-page journal small enough to place in one's front pocket. The Wanderbuch is usually a work record for a journeyman craftsman, but in this case Johann Jacob seems to have used it mainly a personal diary.
Max Kade Institute has only digital formats of journal, transliterations, and translations. Original journal is in the possession of Janet Spaeth West; images courtesy of Ms. West and Rick Frautschi.

Note: Christian also kept a diary of the journey.

The original Wanderbuch

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Travel journal kept by Johann Jacob Frautschi in his original journeyman record book.
The cover has the following information: Cobbler Johann Jakob Frautschi of Saanen, 18 years of age, five feet two inches (Swiss measure) tall, brown hair, average forehead, blue green eyes, a broad nose, average mouth, pointed chin, oval face. He has two birth marks on his right cheek. This Wanderbuch was issued in Geneva on 12 May 1864.


Translation of pages 15-28, describing the 1905 trip to Switzerland: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
English summary of the Wanderbuch: 1, 2, 3

Summary and translation: Roger P. Minert, Ph.D.

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