April 25 to June 6 1905, Entries from Christian Frautschi's Diary for 1905

About the Original Manuscript:

Diary of Christian Frautschi's April 25 to June 6 1905 trip to Europe.
There are entries for every day of 1905. Prefatory entries include a recording of family births and deaths.
Original in University of Wisconsin-Madison. Max Kade Institute. Frautschi Letters (MKI/Frautschi3/diary1905)

Written by: Christian Frautschi
Date(s) of entries: January 1 - December 31 1905
Place of writing: Various locations in the United States, England, Switzerland and France
Physical description: [28], 370 p. ; 22 cm.
Published versions: None
Notes: Red morocco leather binding, ruled on front and back cover; embossing on front cover reads: NATIONAL | 1905 | DIARY. All edges stained in red. Accompanying material (laid in): 22 index cards with English translations for entries from the diary dated April 24 - June 24 1905 and 8 leaves of stapled paper for entries dated May 7 - June 23 1905.

About the Electronic Version:

Creation of machine-readable version: Shintia Argazali, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Conversion to TEI-conformant markup: Shintia Argazali, University of Wisconsin-Madison
LIS839 Special Collections in the Digital Environment (Spring 2000)
Note: Front cover and two page images reproduced here have been included from the original source.

front cover

title page of the diary

p. 115 (entry for Apr. 16)

p. 116 (entry for Apr. 15)

Credits (scanned images): Shintia Argazali
Date(s) of scanning: April 17, 2000
Hardware: Mikrotek Scan Maker 4
Scanning software: Scan Wizard 3.2.4 (MicrotekLab, Inc., c1995)


Diary kept by Christian Frautschi during 1905. The electronic version shows excerpts of the diary recorded on the trip to Europe from April 25, 1905 until June 6, 1905.

Text of diary entries, April 25–June 6, 1905:

| German | English | Sketch |

Transliteration: Marcel Rotter
Translation: Lowell Frautschi (?)
Transcription of the translated text (laid in on cards, some of which are misnumbered): Shintia Argazali

Editorial Notes:

Translation cards for the periods of April 24 to May 6 and May 26 to June 24 are laid in with the diary. Also itinerary for the period of May 7 to June 23. Translation cards are misnumbered. Transliteration from the original postdates that handwritten translation. There are many unclear portions which the translator has marked as such with a question mark. There were illegible parts of that handwritten translation that could not be deciphered for the electronic transcription. This is indicated by a triple question mark inserted in the text.

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