19 Fall (?) 1875, Letter from Johann Peter Frautschi to his brother Christian Frautschi


About the Original Manuscript:

19th of fall (?)1875, letter from Johann Peter Frautschi to his Brother
Original in University of Wisconsin-Madison. Max Kade Institute. Frautschi Letters

Sender: Johann Peter Frautschi
Letter begins: Dear Brother, I forgot to report to you that I did receive ...
Date: 19th of fall (?), 1875, Elisabeth
Published versions: none
Physical Description: [1] leaf, written on both sides of paper; 12.5 x 20.3 cm, envelope: 13.4 x 7.2 cm.
Notes: In German. Letter is written on both sides of paper. Paper is faintly ruled in blue. There is a distinct rule line approximately inch from the left margin of the paper. In blue ink. Cancellation mark on envelope.


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Johann Peter Frautschi informs his brother that he did receive the bill of exchange. He further tells him not to address newspapers to him since he leaves them at the post office. He states that he has no use for American newspapers and that his mother did not either. He believes that they are too secular. He says that organizations open and close their meeting with prayers, but that they capture poor people with their beguiling and misleading words.

Text of letter:

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Transliteration: Marcel Rotter
Translation: Fred Dingledy; (edited by) Annie Reinhardt and Suzanne Townley
Markup: Edith Hixon


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