12 May 1889, Letter from Johann Peter Frautschi to Johann Jacob Frautschi

About the Original Manuscript:

This letter from Johann Peter Frautschi to John J. Frautschi was included as an enclosure in John J. Frautschi's letter of 18 May 1888, to his brother Christian F. Frautschi. MKI has original letter, transliteration, and translation in digital format only. Original documents in possession of Janet Spaeth West; images courtesy of Ms. West and Rick Frautschi.

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Peter writes about the death of his daughter, Elise. He asks Johann Jacob to make copies a photograph he had sent of Elise a few years ago, as they do not now have a copy of it. He mentions news from Saanen, as well as news from the area of Elizabeth, Minnesota.

Text of letter:

German: 1, 2, 3 | English: 1, 2

Transliteration and translation: Robert S. Spaeth and Roger P. Minert, Ph.D.

Commercial use prohibited. Copyright 2003, by the The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System

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