11 August 1910, Letter from Elise Frautschi to her uncle Johann Jacob Frautschi and his family (enclosed with 24 August 1910, Letter from Johann Jacob Frautschi to Christian Frautschi)

About the Original Manuscript(s):

This letter from Johann and Christian's niece Elise was written 11 August 1910, and was included as an enclosure in Johann J. Frautschi's letter of 24 August 1910 to Christian Frautschi in Madison.

MKI has only digital formats of the original letter, transliteration, and translation. Original documents in possession of Janet Spaeth West; images courtesy of Ms. West and Rick Frautschi.

Sender: Elise Frautschi
Letter begins: Dear Uncle and family, As we told you ...
Date: 1910 Aug. 11, Bissen, Switzerland

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About the Electronic Version:

Creation of machine-readable version: Allen Verbrugge, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Conversion to TEI-conformant markup: Allen Verbrugge, University of Wisconsin-Madison
LIS839 Special Collections in the Digital Environment (Spring 2000)


Elise, a niece of the Frautschis, writes to thank John Jacob for some magazines she received from him. She then tells of a trip she made to Barwengen to visit relatives. She tells of a very rainy summer and describes the difficulties the rain has created for the hay. The second part of her letter describes a neighbor who hanged himself in the spring. She bemoans that the neighbor had lived without God his whole life, and ends with a quote from the Bible's book of Psalms.

Text of letter:

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Transliteration and translation: Robert S. Spaeth and Roger P. Minert, Ph.D.
Markup: Allen Verbrugge, University of Wisconsin-Madison

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