1 December 1910, Letter from Johann Jacob Frautschi to relatives in Saanen, Switzerland

About the Original Manuscript:

This letter was written by John J. Frautschi in St. Paul, Minnesota, and sent to his relatives in Saanen, Switzerland. Only digital formats of the original letter, transcription, and translation are in the collection of the Max Kade Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Images courtesy of Janet Spaeth West and Rick Frautschi.

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Johann writes to relatives in Saanen after a long delay, and he hopes to receive a letter in reply. Although he has been receiving and reading the newspaper from Saanen, there is very little news about his relatives in it. He hopes they have not suffered damage from recent high waters, and mentions that America has been suffering from drought conditions, along with forest fires. He describes Thanksgiving Day celebrations, writing that they had 21 people at the table, although Zilla is away on a trip to Arizona and California and will not return until after Christmas. He mentions reading about the Lusan exhibit in the Saanen newspaper, and describes the many wonders of the Minnesota State Fair. Johann heard Roosevelt speak at the fair, but he thinks "his star is not shining as brightly as it did 3 or 4 months ago." He comments upon national politics, and concludes with wishes for Christmas and the coming new year.

Text of letter:

German: 1, 2 | English: 1, 2

Transliteration and translation: Robert S. Spaeth and Roger P. Minert, Ph.D.

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