[7 December 1868], Letter from Johann Jacob Frautschi to Christian Frautschi

About the Original Manuscript:

This letter was written by John J. Frautschi in New Albion, Butler County, Iowa, and is addressed to his brother Christian in Madison, Wisconsin. The envelope is postmarked 7 December in Cedar Falls, Black Hawk County, and the letter appears to have been dated 5 December, possibly 1867 or 1868, on the last page. Only digital formats of the original letter and envelope, as well as the transcription and translation, are in the collection of the Max Kade Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Images courtesy of Janet Spaeth West and Rick Frautschi

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In this letter Johann mentions the difficulty he has, as a businessman, not working on the Sabbath. He also mentions several people, including Johan Peder, Lidia Heller, and Roth, and tells Christian he is happy to be away from Spring Green, Wisconsin. Johann also writes of having sent a heavy letter on behalf of Christian to Europe.

Text of letter:

German: 1, 2 | English: 1, 2

Transliteration and translation: Robert S. Spaeth and Roger P. Minert, Ph.D.

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